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Night Thoughful's Domain
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Nuit Songeur's Fanwork Archive
- The Archive of Nuit Songeur-
Here, you can find all sorts of things made by Miss Songeur from Fanfic, original fic, AMVs, and maybe everything else in between. Everything here is cross-posted. I've made this account to keep another record of everything I've managed to scrounge up.

This account is only for creations. Blogging entries shall be remain at my regular LiveJournal account. Feel free to subscribe by "watching," however, membership is restricted, because this community to post my fanworks.

How the tagging system works:
There will be a tag for each fandom and category. (Ex- "yugioh," "princess tutu," "young adult," "essay"). Fandoms are for fanfiction and categories are for original fiction. There will also be individual tags for multi-chaptered fics, with the title of the fic as the tag name. As for videos, they will be separated into one of two categories- "amv" or "fandub."

What the Subject line means:
In the subject line of each entry, you will see that there is an intricate system as far as labeling goes but not that difficult to understand. Let's take the following example into account:

Shakespeare's Rendition [1/1 FF:YGO]

Obviously, the first item in the subject line is the title of the piece. In the brackets, the first thing you will see is something resembling a fraction. This tells you how many installments this particular story consists of. One-Shots will be marked as "1/1." Meaning, that the particular entry is the first installment out of one installments. As for Multi-Chapters, generally you will see a question mark in the denominator of the fraction meaning that the length of the story is currently undefined. Like so:

My Muse Awaits [1/? FF:YGO]

If the piece in question is completed with multi-chaptered, the denominater will be defined. For example:

Guardian Angel [1/3 FF:YGO]

The next thing you will see in the brackets are two captalized acronyms with a colon in between. The first acronym will tell you what type of work is being presented the specific entry. Such as, "FF" will mean "FanFiction," "OF" will mean "Original Fiction," and so on and so forth. As for the next acronym, it will tell you what category or Fandom the work fits into. "YGO" means "Yu-Gi-Oh! DM." And, "YA" means "Young Adult." A full list of these acronyms will be posted up here at a later date.

More to come later! Including a Table of Contents for your convenience!

Outside Accounts:
nuitsongeur - My personal LiveJournal
Nuit Songeur @ FFN - My Fanfiction(dot)Net account
Nuit Songeur @ FictionPress - My FictionPress Account
Nuit Songeur @ Youtube - My Youtube Channel